Work in progress
It’s taking forever to get the rest of this illustration coloured. Working on my “courageous” color choices. But for now these cats are looking okay.

Work in progress
It’s taking forever to get the rest of this illustration coloured. Working on my “courageous” color choices. But for now these cats are looking okay.

Thursday again.
First thing I ever animated:
bouncing ball exercise + dance dance revolution



And another test.
I had fun with the mocap acting.

Clark and His Shoes.

The game was designed to have a pop-up book feel. Here is the wobbly motion capture test we did with Kinect.

Clark and His Shoes

So I thought I’d finally get with this Throwback Thursday thing by posting old projects…on Thursdays. Yey!

Clark and His Shoes
Developed for a class at Tisch Asia: Interactive Content for Children.

Clark (the character that kinda looks like a square pig but is actually based on a camera) is an explorer, but he is forgetful and always leaves something behind.

The objective is to the find things that Clark left behind by “stepping into his shoes”. Each pair of shoes transports the player to a corresponding destination that they can explore as they search for the forgotten objects


Advice on Getting into Animation →


Dan Krall, visual development artist, has honest and concise advice for you on breaking into animation. This is some of the best and most relatable advice on working in this industry.
Read it. And then use it!


The drawn animation for the thesis film took me about two months and several “trifecta weekends” to complete.

A trifecta is three consecutive twelve-hour days of animation, an anti all-nighter work model proposed by our thesis adviser Patrick Smith. The idea was to work in the animation lab from 9am to 9pm without procrastinating or mindless internet browsing. The only break was 1 hour for lunch. Everyone had to unplug from their computers, and we made it a point to go out and eat lunch off school grounds. At 9pm everyone had to go home and rest. No more work or animation for the rest of the day. We weren’t required to participate, but for the people who were a part of it, it became an agreement that each of us would held each other to. 

Patrick made a good point that all-nighters pretty much ruin the next day of work. And if you do it several nights in a row, you pretty much turn into a zombie. Up until then, I have always done my projects at night and always worked well into the morning. I haven’t been a morning person in a long time. Those twelve-hour days were long and painful but, between the silent but strong motivation and awesome lunch breaks, I have never been more productive.  

I don’t know if I would have been able to finish my thesis in time for graduation if it wasn’t for the trifecta group, which is why almost every time I talk about my thesis I need to give Arjun Chatterjee, Tripp Yeoman, and Patrick Smith a shout out. YEY TRIFECTA! 

I recently put my thesis film online. You can watch it HERE and read more about the making of HERE.

It’s online!

My thesis film: “Papel”

LAIKA Chief Surprises Comic-Con Crowd By Saying He Wants To Do Hand-Drawn Animation →

Yes, please.